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SDR Regents Park DISH smartbox deployment

    We at SDR are proud to announce the successful launch of the nations largest smartbox with HD in the clear for MDU properties. With over 1000 units, Regents Park Luxury Apartments have ditched their old antiquated analog system and are now fully digital with the best iptv boxes of 2019 – 72 channels are streaming a bulk TV DISH Network Smartbox system, and we have also included 4 additional SD Digital channels for premium movie channels. This 76 channel system is the latest and greatest for MAC properties. Typically a 76 channel HD QAM system rack footprint required practically an entire IT room to house, not to mention the power consumption needs. The entire 76 channel system is housed in an existing IT rack.


    With our top notch technicians, engineers, administrators, and help from the local DISH Network office, We were able to use the sites existing loop-through distribution system wiring. If you don’t want to re-wire your house or put up a satellite outside, get mag 256 iptv subscription they have a ton of tv channels and movies. The project was even more advanced for the fact the digital distribution needed to be balanced by new taps. A unit by unit deployment was tackled by multiple technician crews. We were able to fast-track the project and shave 4 weeks off the project completion.

    Currently DISH Network is engineering the final phase of the smartbox system, which will be the availability of the 722k DVR receiver to work off the smartbox, enabling customers to custom subscribe programming in addition to bulk programming off the system with no additional dishes on the property.

    dish-vip722     Here is a quick informational video filmed at DISH Network Team Summit on the smartbox system. Starring in part, your SDR team!

    Contact our sales team today at for information on the smartbox for your Hotel, or MDU properties..