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Dish Network Smartbox Launch

    SDR Communications is proud to be working hand-in-hand with Dish Network on the first phase of the Smartbox headend unit. The Smartbox is a revolution in the L&I setting. “As hotels face increasing costs to transition to HD, Smartbox will deliver digital HD capabilities and analog SD from a single unit, making it ideal for hotels transitioning to new TVs,” said Alistair Chatwin, director of Product Management at DISH. “This enterprise-grade solution also benefits management by providing greater reliability, configurability and increased uptime while reducing the total cost of ownership.” We have had a successful launch in two Best Western properties already with a turnkey cutover.

    BW Valpo smartbox rack close1       BW Valpo smartbox rack left side

    Some features are:

    Can use existing loop-thru wiring. No home runs required.

    All digital technology.

    Remotely manageable to change channel lineup and view through VPN connection.

    Takes up only 8 rack spaces and entire system including test TV only needs 4’ rack.

    Up to 96 HD channel output on one single chassis.

    Can be configured with all HD or mix of HD/SD.

    Power consumption far lower than traditional headend units.

    General cost is about half of competitors currently.

    Imagine your current situation going from this:


    To the Smartbox simple and effective solution:


    Currently the Smartbox is only available to deploy in the Lodging & Institution setting utilizing Pro:Idiom encryption. Additional phases moving forward will be able to provide HD in the clear, without encryption for the hospitality, fitness club, and bar/restaurant setting. Also final phase will allow for MDU setting with ability for 96 HD channels with a full digital overlay in order to accommodate DVR and retail programming for individual residents. For information on product line, programming available, and equipment quote contact SDR agents here.