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Commercial Public

    Commercial Public : Qualifications for eligibility include having television viewing accessible to the general public, main source of revenue from the sale of food and or beverages for immediate consumption, and no charge for admission. Television is expected at these locations to guests and drives traffic at the business. Having satellite service at the locations gets customers to stay longer… Read More »Commercial Public


      Bulk accounts via a television content provider are significantly reduced price accounts, primarily assigned to hospitality facilities (hotels, motels, B&B).  These accounts are now being extended to residential property owners with tv antennas or satellite connection antennas. Bulk accounts are billed based upon the amount of livable units a building contains.  The property will be billed as if it has… Read More »Bulk

      Commercial Private

        Commercial Private : Qualifications for eligibility include having television viewing accessible to the general public or only to employees, main source of revenue can be sale of goods or services, or office locations. Satellite service at private locations reduces perceived wait time while improving customer experience, creates a more inviting atmosphere, improves employee morale and productivity, and creates an informative… Read More »Commercial Private

        Structured Wiring

          Structured wiring is installation of telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (hence structured) called subsystems. 1) Demarcation Point is the point at which the Satellite system connects with the wiring at the customer premises. 2) Telecommunications Rooms house equipment and wiring consolidation points which serve the users inside the site. 3) Vertical or Riser… Read More »Structured Wiring


            Residential customers who qualify will receive free standard professional installation. Being an authorized retailer and tv provider for Directv and Dish Network, SDR can help you select a plan to fit you custom needs for service, schedule a business phone systems installation time that’s convenient for you and be there to get the job done. A land line can be… Read More »Residential