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    Bulk accounts via a television content provider are significantly reduced price accounts, primarily assigned to hospitality facilities (hotels, motels, B&B).  These accounts are now being extended to residential property owners with tv antennas or satellite connection antennas. Bulk accounts are billed based upon the amount of livable units a building contains.  The property will be billed as if it has 100% participation by the number of drops or TV’s. A bulk account offers a property owner key benefits:

    • Affordable “a la carte” content provided to tenants
    • Maintains proper building aesthetics & dexterity (no personal dishes)
    • An additional revenue generator due to “System Maintenance” fees

    Examples of “Bulk” type accounts are:

    •  SMATV (satellite master antenna television) rack can be likened to a computer network server, but this server combines selected modulated television channels.  It then feeds those channels out to designated units/televisions to be recognized and broadcast in numerical order, determined by its owner. Home run wiring is not required for most SMATV systems.
    •  For  Free-to-Guest properties like hotels, hospitals and assisted living facility locations, Satellite TV is provided as an amenity to their guests or residents. There is a variety of programming packages and options including sports, premium movies and International programming in addition to standard bulk packages. We can now offer a “residential experience” at your site. Contact us today and we will help you create the perfect programming lineup to fit the needs of your guests.
    • A PCO (Private Cable Operator) is similar to a bulk account; however unlike a Bulk account where all receivers operate on the same programming, the PCO is a more customizable system. It enables all receivers to have access to a base programming package and individual receivers can have added programming at retail rates. The balance of the programming upgrades will be billed to individual residents on top of the monthly fee to the site. This is a clean and cost efficient way to give a variety of programming to residents on the same account. As with bulk the property will be billed at 100% participation.