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Analog Modulated Headend

Analog rack systems combine selected modulated television channels. It then feeds those channels out to designated units/televisions to be recognized and broadcast in numerical order, determined by its owner. Home run wiring is not required for most headend systems.

Digital QAM Headend

Digital QAM headends use customizable and configurable hardware to broadcast a true HD quality signal over coax, or network cables in place at a facility. By using QAM modulation, the headend is able to compress a high amount of quality audio and video across the available bandwidth. Digital headends are most often connected to the internet and are monitored remotely. This gives quick response time for any service issues without having to roll a technician to the property. 

Receiver at TV (Set-top-Box) L-Band

An L-Band is structured wiring from a centralized dish location to an assortment of switches and/or splitters depending on the needs of the system. An individual satellite receiver and remote will be placed at each TV and will provide the programming. This ensures all the channels of the package are displayed to every TV onsite. This can be an efficient and cost effective way to deliver HD content. Most applications allow the receiver to be placed in a discreet location to ensure an aesthetically pleasing finished product. L-Band requires home runs from the TV location back to a communications closet where switches can be housed.

Bulk Accounts

Bulk accounts via a television content provider are significantly reduced price accounts, primarily assigned to hospitality facilities (hotels, motels, B&B).  These accounts are now being extended to residential property owners.  Bulk accounts are billed based upon the amount of livable units a building contains.  The property will be billed as if it has100% participation by the number of drops or TV’s. A bulk account offers a property owner key benefits:

  1. Affordable “a la carte” content provided to tenants
  2. Maintains proper building aesthetics & dexterity (no personal dishes)
  3. An additional revenue generator due to “System Maintenance” fees


A PCO (Private Cable Operator) is similar to a bulk account; however unlike a Bulk account where all receivers operate on the same programming, the PCO is a more customizable system. It enables all receivers to have access to a base programming package and individual receivers can have added programming at retail rates. The balance of the programming upgrades will be billed to individual residents on top of the monthly fee to the site for core programming. This is a clean and cost efficient way to give a variety of programming to residents on the same account. As with bulk, the property will be billed at 100% participation.

Structured Wiring / Backbone

Structured wiring from Demarcation Point, IDF, Vertical or Riser Cabling, Horizontal wiring, or Plenum Cabling that connects telecommunications rooms to individual outlets on the wall, usually through the wire ways, conduits or ceiling spaces of each floor.

Television Installations

Nowadays Televisions have become more advanced than their former box ancestors. There are many different mounting options for virtually any surface. Our installers have the knowhow to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and safe installation.

Audio Systems

We can provide a variety of audio solutions for any size facility. From simple 8 ohm background ambient sound to multi-zone 70v systems utilizing multiple sources simultaneously. We work with many suppliers and can have our engineers/designers to create a custom solution for your needs.


A common problem with existing cable infrastructure is having internet access while a video feed is coming down the only cable. By having one line for a unit it only allows one service provider access. We are able to have a single broadband connection distributed throughout facilities of any size through wireless technology. Individuals can have a common or private access password to use the network. This also enables you to block access from neighboring buildings and or individuals securing optimum bandwidth to your residents.


While SDR can design a custom system from 12 channels to over 100, we typically advise owners to install a forty-eight (48) to fifty (50) channel system in commercial properties. Owners are usually able to include the majority of channels a resident would watch. This, of course, eliminates the need to contact an outside provider. 

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