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Amazon Key for Business

The KfB solution creates convenient, authorized entry to an apartment lobby or package room.  KfB is an eFOB that lets building owners and managers grant controlled access to delivery drivers. 


We are able to insert video into your SMATV from cameras on your property, we also have the ability to let our clients have a “look in” via web applications so while you may not be there physically, the eye in the sky sees all.

Entry Systems

SDR technicians work daily in the field with unique entry points. Our team can help assist your specific needs for private and secure entry.

Custom Design Projects

SDR has a vast network of professionals with unique talents to overcome many challenges associated with custom projects.

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We just had an SDR technician here at our property to install the Amazon Key for Business. I wanted to let someone know that he was a great installer and we had an absolutely awesome experience with him. He was knowledgeable, courteous, and great to have in our office for the few hours of installation this morning. We would love for him to be our contact if things go awry. If you could let some higher-ups know that he did a phenomenal job, that would be great. We really appreciate it.


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