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You want to run your business efficiently, which of course means having a good cashflow. In order to do this the first thing you need is the appropriate cash management established, to handle what is coming next. If the reason you’re reading this is that your considering your own startup, then you can and should read more about it here. Now with step one properly established, you might ask: what is the next step? Well it’s simple: actually getting your business going! For this, you will need to get the word out, or you will find that potential customers are not walking in the figurative door. You can try all sorts of different things to get their attention, and a bit trial and error is allowed. I’ve seen that printed materials can really grab people’s attention. Print on a blank page and watch the buzz spread.

Digital vs Print Marketing Materials: What Should My Business Be Using? -  GreenMellen

Here is a printable brochure I whipped up in a few minutes. I plan to print a couple of them and hand them out to the employees. I’ve added a few extra graphics and a link to the website for more info. I used an online printing company and got them sent to the office. Visit MyCreativeShop to get all the details.

Keep spreading the word. Everyone’s life is interesting and unique, and your business will not be limited by your location.

There are many great ways to spread the word. For example:

Write a blog or tweet about the opportunities at your company.

Do a social media campaign to get your company’s name out there.

Run a giveaway or contest to promote your company.

Let other people know about your company and what your products are.

Host a business briefing.

What is your favorite way to find new clients or contacts? Leave a comment below or tweet me @mikecrawford @KiTribEd at @KTCSCPS.

A message from the CEO:

It is my pleasure to be able to share a small piece of news about our company, KTCS. KTCS recently changed our name to Kilometro. We are excited about the name change and would love to be able to help educate the community about our services, products and potential. Kilometro is an interesting combination of the word “Kilometer” which refers to the world in which you run a business, as well as “Meter”, which refers to the metric system we are using. We are a true metric society in which we use both measures and standards to measure every detail of what we do. We would love to share this information and help our customers become metric enthusiasts as well. So check out the new website at We look forward to learning more about you. – The Kilometro Team Kilometro has been serving the small business community in Southern California since 1999. We offer a comprehensive collection of high-end electronic measuring products that enable customers to measure everything from industrial process flow to their own employees’ performance, and to make informed decisions on how to improve their operations. We have a strong commitment to customer service and our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you determine which products will best meet your needs. Kilometro has a customer satisfaction rate of 95% and has been included in the best of the best lists,